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Some Suggestions

Aug 18, 2012 at 3:56 PM


I want to thank you so much because this module is amazing. I tested it and It works as you described.


I have some suggestion that will make this module better :-

1- Add another option in the setting allows administrator to add table name and a corresponding view name for the users, so users will be able to select a table for the query as they already can select filtering criteria.
This will will useful because in my case, I have database with tables for students; where each table contains data for a specific year and specific department. This means I can make only one result page and the student can select their department and their current year from a given combo-box.

2- Allow admins to select which comparison criteria that is visible to users like in integer fields I can select to show only the equality comparison operator or show the grater and less than operators to hide all of them and select a default comparison operator.

3- Add an option to hide the grid view until the user select a search criteria. This is very useful. In my case I can only show the student's result after he search by his name rather than showing all the student results from the start.

Thank you again and I wish you can add the previous options soon.